Common Names
anthracnose, brown blight (of coffee and tea), tear stain, dieback (citrus), fruit rot, stem canker, black spot of fruit, ripe rot of pepper, anthracnose tear-stain (mango)
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mh, 18.6.09 Pls revise host list in the header, only the hosts marked in the header have a 'pestmodule' on their respective crop datasheet. I think at least tomato and spinach should be added they were not among the list of hosts so far, (what about sugarcane?) so there is no pestmodule for this disease on the respective crop datasheets. This should be added. Pls further check pestmodules (description and what to do) for the crops provided in the host list. Not all info is complete. General info: general structure: introduction (missing), damage (missing), host range, symptoms..) Recipes: specific recipes should be included on the disease/pest site - i.e. in this case for hot seed treatment, (from there we still link to general information to the hot seed treatment datasheets). Pls remind: we must not lead users to jump around from crops to pests and then to yet another datasheet to find their information, if specific information on recipes are available for a pest/disease, iits the right place to be included on the pest/disease specific page under recipes. (this is valid for all pest/disease datasheets). Kindly also check image description on 'more images' pages. For recipe on copper and link to copper datasheet for general info, pls prior kindly have a look at copper/sulphur datasheet. The copper sheet needs to be revised first and we should compare the info provided there and on the disease datasheets, so that they complement. also the copper datasheet must be revised for organic farming compliance.

A. A. Seif, icipe
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Scientific Name

Colletotrichum spp. / Gloeosporium spp. / Glomerella spp. / Sphaceloma (Elsinoe) spp.