Bacterial wilt

Order / Family
Burkholderiales: Ralstoniaceae
Common Names
bacterial wilt, brown rot, moko disease (banana), slime disease (potato), southern bacterial blight (tomato), seedling rot
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<b>Moko disease in banana</b> caused by <i>Ralstonia solanacearum</i>. The pseudostems show brown vascular discoloration.
Bacterial wilt symptoms on tobacco plant

preventive control:

Preventive control 1. Remove and destroy all infected plants immediately
2. Control nematodes
3. Rotate crops other than solanaceous crops. Rice, corn, beans, cabbage and sugarcane are found to be resistant to bacterial wilt. Wilt severity in tomato was reduced by a rotation system using maize, okra, cowpea or resistant tomato.
4. tomato.
4. Since the bacteria can be transmitted through farm tools, wash or expose them to heat before using in another field
5. For banana, remove and chop the plants surrounding the infected mat or within the radius of 6 meters from the infected plant to prevent further spread of the disease.


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Scientific Name

Ralstonia solanacearum (Pseudomonas solanacearum)

Pest Type
Other Crops