Late blight

Order / Family
Pythiales: Pythiaceae
Common Names
Late blight / potato blight
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sr: see farmers experiences, what is meant with EM and BM???

Notes for REVIEW

mh, 20.7.09 a) Pls compare pestmodule information of the 3 hosts. the eggplant module contains a somehow strange information on pepper... b) While potato pestmodule includes following: KARI has also conducted studies to evaluate lower cost measures used by farmers to control Late blight, including the application of a mixture made of stinging nettle (possibly Urtica massaica, though not indicated) and Omo (presumably the commercial brand of laundry detergent). Although this treatment was not as effective as a commercial fungicide, Ridomil, blight scores were nevertheless lower and yields higher than observed for the control. On a benefit to cost basis, the stinging nettle treatment was impressive, at over two to one (KARI 2000, p. 83). This treatment is apparently not a common practice in Kenya, at least not yet, but an example of using stinging nettle (Urticaria dioica) as a treatment against late blight in Sweden is reported in Ecology and Society. maybe this info should be included here as well and/or to the other two pestmodules. c) Further, instead of promoting certified seeds (that are often treated with fungicides), we should encourage farmers to use their own seed, but teach how to select healthy plants for seed usage. d) which of the images (see under more images) should be included inside the text and where?

A.M. Varela, icipe
Is this a Minor Pest?
Scientific Name

Phytophthora infestans

Common names; Late blight / potato blight
Seriousness; It is very destructive in cool, moist conditions
Geographic Distribution