Powdery mildew

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mh, 14.9.09 The information within the pestmodules varies considerably in amount and quality, pls compare and improve. Cabbage was not marked online as a host, so a pestmodule for this host is missing. For me it is not clear what is meant with destroy debris or 'practise good field hygiene'. We should be concrete here and say how to destroy (burn or burry in soil how deep?). I am not happy with the information under biopesticides, hopefully there is more concrete information or some of the information under pesticides (notes above) can be added here which is alowed in organic farming (Thiovit, Neem).

A.M. Varela, icipe
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Phyllactina spp. / Leveillula spp. / Erysiphe spp. / Uncinula spp. / Blumeria spp. / Golovinomyces spp. / Podosphaera spp. / Sphaerotheca spp.