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Main aphids in Africa: Black bean aphid ([i]Aphis fabae[/i]), Cabbage aphid ([i]Brevycoryne brassicae/Myzus persicae[/i]), Groundnut aphid ([i]A.craccivora[/i]), Cotton aphid ([i]A.gossypii[/i]), Russian wheat aphid ([i]Diuraphis noxia[/i]), Cypress aphid ([i]Cinara cupressi[/i])

Magnus Gammelgaard
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Aphids (Aphis gossypii and Myzus persicae)

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Aphids damage plants by sucking plant sap causing curling, wrinkling or cupping of infested leaves, giving plants a deformed shape. They spread viruses and excrete honeydew, which coat the plants and leads to growth of sooty mould, which can diminish the photosynthetic capacity of plants. Aphids are usually controlled by natural enemies if they have not been disturbed for instance by the use of broad-spectrum pesticides.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Plant the crop in well prepared, fertile land, but do avoid applying nitrogenous fertiliser, as this will promote new growth, which makes the plants juicy and attractive to aphids.
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Other Crops
Apple trees, Cauliflower
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Passion fruit