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Main aphids in Africa: Black bean aphid ([i]Aphis fabae[/i]), Cabbage aphid ([i]Brevycoryne brassicae/Myzus persicae[/i]), Groundnut aphid ([i]A.craccivora[/i]), Cotton aphid ([i]A.gossypii[/i]), Russian wheat aphid ([i]Diuraphis noxia[/i]), Cypress aphid ([i]Cinara cupressi[/i])

Mississippi State University Archive, Mississippi State University, Bugwood.org
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Aphids (Aphis gossypii and other species)

Minor Pest Description

Aphids suck sap from leaves and stems. They may cause considerable damage during periods of water stress. Aphids are vectors of virus diseases.

Minor Pest What to do.
  • Conserve natural enemies. Aphids are attacked by a wide range of natural enemies, which are very important in natural control of these pests.
  • Use reflective mulches. Reflective aluminium mulches deter aphids from landing on plants. The effect is lost once plants are large enough to cover the mulch.
  • Neem extract and soap sprays have been reported effective against aphids.

For more information on Neem click here.

For more information on soap sprays click here.

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Other Crops
Apple trees, Cauliflower
Host Plants
Sweet potato