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Main aphids in Africa: Black bean aphid ([i]Aphis fabae[/i]), Cabbage aphid ([i]Brevycoryne brassicae/Myzus persicae[/i]), Groundnut aphid ([i]A.craccivora[/i]), Cotton aphid ([i]A.gossypii[/i]), Russian wheat aphid ([i]Diuraphis noxia[/i]), Cypress aphid ([i]Cinara cupressi[/i])

Magnus Gammelgaard
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Green peach aphid (Myzus persicae)

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It is a very detrimental insect to spinach. It can transmit diseases that can wipe out large portions of the crop. Aphids and leafminers cause the most serious damage on the crop (University of Georgia). The aphid is pale yellowish in colour and small. It lives mainly on the underside of leaves and therefore hard to control.

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  • Conserve natural enemies. Parasitic wasps and predatory insects, including lady bird beetles, damsel bugs, lacewings, and hover fly larvae are important in natural control of aphids. For more information on Natural enemies click here
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Apple trees, Cauliflower
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