Fusarium wilt

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A.M. Varela
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Fusarium root rot (<i>Fusarium solani</i> f. sp. <i>phaseoli</i>)

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Seedlings infected with Fusarium root rot appear dwarfed. The primary leaves are often yellow, later turning necrotic and finally the seedlings wilt. Fusarium species infect bean roots when the soil is too wet, or too hot for good bean growth. The fungus survives in soil for long period.



Minor Pest What to do.
  • Plough deeply bean debris after harvest.
  • Practise a 6 to 8 year crop rotation without legumes.
  • Do not feed livestock old bean straw if manure is to be used on bean fields.
  • Plant beans in hills or ridges in heavy soils.
  • Seed treatment with Trichodermaspp.. A commercial biopesticide is registered in Kenya under the name RootgardĀ®. 
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