Powdery mildew

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A. A. Seif & B. Nyambo, icipe
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Powdery mildew (<i>Leveillula taurica</i>)

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Yellowish blotches or spots appear on the upper leaf surface. The leaf surface is covered with a white to grey powdery fungal growth. The disease progresses from the older to younger leaves and shedding of the foliage is pronounced. Leaf defoliation leads to reduction in size and number of fruits. It also results in fruits being sun-burned. The disease is favoured by warm, humid and dry weather. The fungus causing powdery mildew also attacks eggplants and tomatoes. Overhead irrigation reduces disease severity.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Plant resistant cultivars, if available.
  • Apply sulphur based fungicides at the onset of disease symptoms.
  • Remove and destroy crop debris after harvest.
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