Spider mites

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Image supplied by Warwick HRI, University of Warwick
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Spider mites (Tetranychus spp.)

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Spider mites cause small white yellow specks on leaves. If spider mites are present in large numbers the leaf may be dry and fall off. Plants grow poorly when they are heavily infested. When infestations are heavy the spider mites will go up on the supports for the plants and accumulate on the tips so that the wind can carry them to new crops.


Minor Pest What to do.
  • Monitor regularly the crop to determine the presence and level of infestations of spider mites.
  • Conserve natural enemies. A number of predators are known to feed on spider mites. They usually keep spider mites under control provided broad-spectrum pesticides are not applied and the crop is irrigated properly.
  • Keep field free of weeds and destroy or compost crop residues immediately after harvesting. Crop residues from an infested field should be destroyed.
  • Do not plant a new crop near an infested field.
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